"And by the incantation of this verse, scatter, as from an unextinguished heart ~ ashes & sparks, my words among mankind!" ~ Ode to the West Wind

Process Servers Can Help Business Owners In Collection

If you’re a business person in Arizona wanting to increase a small company, chasing down non-paying clientele for the money due is amongst the very last issues you may like to be going after. However, it sure could be nice to collect in full by now! Filing different small claims from clients who definitely missed out on paying you is another way to have bad debts collected, but it must take a lot of time and tenaciousness. Hiring a local process server to support may be a cost-effective, time-saving alternative.

In small claims court, you typically don’t need a lawyer. So you obtain a hearing within one to two months just after processing. Subject to your State, the limit amount you can file a claim against anyone goes up to about 15,000 dollars. Often, it’s a wise idea to have judgments for the maximal limit even if certain customers are obligated to repay much more than that. Again, it’s because you wouldn’t be forced to pay attorney fees, just the court’s filing fee. In most small claims courts, total costs are cheaper than $100.

The idea of spending time waiting in line around the court house eats up your schedule for everything else you could be working at. Specifically, if you have numerous claims to report and get served. Moreover, the time and energy you may spend trying to get paid cannot be recovered. So, if that does not appear to be considerably fun, why not employ a local process server to function as your “small claims department”?

You can take the easy route through this with a process server in Phoenix.


My Haiku Holiday

The country is such in a somber mood. Add to that the dreariness of this city; no big shops are open on a Good Friday. I prefer to rejoice in my freedom while others are trapped in their tradition. *grin

In my silent corner, I chose to be grateful for what I have now.  I wrote a Haiku as a celebration.

Haiku: Midday

cloud ribbons on wings

dramatic cerulean sky

a feast for the eye.

I’m relieved at least to breathe these words out and they become my own once more.

This Friday is indeed good.

I Love This Life!

Yes, it dawned on me, this is the life that I wanted…

Moment by moment, bit by bit, it’s sweet.

This point, I’m kinda contemplating again on investing on some good camera to start my journey in photography.  I’m thinking that these shots in the future, will definitely end up in a book– MY OWN BOOK. With plenty of poetry,  and musings and writings from the depths of me.

And pardon that the following lines had to jump into here, and won’t be tucked into the poetry page of this blog. I penned some yesterday, as I was immersing myself into my product reviews– phrases, words, suddenly hit me.

I don’t lose any moment when times like this one comes; I’d grab the notepad and type the words that flow freely into the tips of my fingers, urging me to tap into each syllable, and they spin into some lyrical expedition again, to tell another story, another aspect of me.

Here’s Poetry– I was thinking of this person as one who expresses life through the lens:

One day,
you’re gonna clasp me in your bosom,
and my very presence, leaf after leaf,
will be with you, in the pages of a book.

And you will see my smile, in blue of the sky;
In the bright sun’s rays, or
In the grass comforting your feet.

You shall feel me in
The silvery moonlight above,
In the waking of the stars,
In the rippling of the waves
where the brook rushes through…

My being stamped
In every corner,
In every angle,
In every hue;
Each becoming
My very own share
Of this universe.

Ah, I shall be

I’m gonna get published, that’s why I said “everywhere”. Don’t think creepy thoughts, hmnn. It’s got no title in it, but anyways, that’s what I feel today. Its title will have to wait because it’s an unfinished business yet, and still on ferment.

Needless to say, it won’t take forever; it will happen in this lifetime. That’s my promise.

Inspiration~ from others Who have come before

Let me walk through the fields of paper touching with my wand dry stems and stunted butterflies…. ~Denise Levertov, “A Walk through the Notebooks”


Words are but the vague shadows of the volumes we mean.  Little audible links, they are, chaining together great inaudible feelings and purposes.  ~Theodore Dreiser, 1900


If I don’t write to empty my mind, I go mad.  ~Lord Byron


This–  is a struggle against silence.  ~Carlos Fuentes


The maker of a sentence launches out into the infinite

and builds a road into Chaos and old Night,
and is followed by those who hear him
with something of wild,
creative delight.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Pen names are masks that allow us to unmask ourselves.  ~C. Astrid Weber


In these challenging times, we are more pressed to become guided by virtues because these values make us whole in the midst of the wrong we see around us.  In doing our daily business, we have to practice what is right in order to build trust. There is always a crowd before us. We have to do right, even when it is hard to do right.

If we are ethical in our personal life, we will know the difference of behaving in high standards. Personal ethics is the foundation of professional ethics. It will entail us to go by dependability, patience, compassion, loyalty, respect, objectivity and wisdom. These values will be the pillars of our strength as individuals. How do we learn the standard? From growing up, we are taught moral principles, and those things that are right or wrong. As we age, we further learn that conforming to the norms and standards of society provides us better opportunities to advance in our relationships, both personal and in business.

Respect is a word which bears a heavy meaning in all relationships, and without that, good relationships cannot be cultivated. Respect for others breeds tolerance for them even if they don’t share our perspectives. It would be hard to exist in a world where we would always try to change people’s opinions and impose on them our personal judgments.  However, practicing integrity is a choice and living a life of integrity will present us issues to tackle and sacrifices to endure. Nevertheless, our ethical behavior will help create an environment of respect and dignity. If we want to build lasting and wholesome relationships in business, we must align ourselves with the ethical standards of organizations where we belong. Then we would have no need of rules when this is ingrained in our very being.

We can stand tall, when we have integrity. Have you got it on you?

The Rules of Work

By Richard Templar

Rule 1- Walk your talk

1.    Get your work noticed
2.    Never stand still
3.    Volunteer carefully
4.    Carve out a niche for yourself
5.    Under promise and over deliver
6.    Know something others don’t
7.    Be 100% committed
8.    Enjoy what you are doing
9.    Develop the right attitude
10.  Never let anyone know how hard you work

Rule 2 – Know that you’re being judged at all times

1.    Dress well
2.    Cultivate a smile
3.    No limp fish – develop the perfect handshake
4.    Exude confidence and energy
5.    Develop a style that gets you noticed
6.    Pay attention to personal grooming
7.    Be attractive
8.    Be cool
9.    Speak well
10.  Write well

Rule 3 – Have a plan

1.    Know what you want long term
2.    Know what you want short term
3.    Study the promotion system
4.    Develop a game plan
5.    Set objectives
6.    Know your role
7.    Know yourself – strengths and weaknesses
8.    Identify key times and events
9.    Anticipate threats
10. Look for opportunities

Rule 4- If you can’t say anything nice, shut up

1.    Don’t gossip
2.    Don’t bitch
3.    Stand up for others
4.    Compliment people sincerely
5.    Be cheerful and positive
6.    Ask questions
7.    Use “please” and “thank you”
8.    Don’t swear
9.    Be a good listener
10. Only speak sense

Rule 5- Look after yourself

1.    Know the ethics of your industry
2.    Know the legalities of your industry
3.    Set personal standards
4.    Never lie
5.    Never cover up for anyone
6.    Keep records
7.    Know the difference between the truth & the whole truth
8.    Cultivate your support/contacts/friends
9.    Understand others’ motives
10. Assume everyone else is playing by different rules

Rule 6- Blend in

1.    Know the corporate culture
2.    Speak the language
3.    Dress up or down accordingly
4.    Be adaptable in your dealings with different people
5.    Know where to hang out, and when
6.    Understand the social protocols
7.    Know the rules about authority
8.    Know the rules about the office hierarchy
9.    Never disapprove of others
10.  Understand the herd mentality

Rule 7- Act one step ahead

1.    Dress one step ahead
2.    Talk one step ahead
3.    Act one step ahead
4.    Think one step ahead
5.    Address corporate issues and problems
6.    Talk of “we” rather than “I”
7.    Walk the walk
8.    Spend more time with senior staff
9.    Get people to assume you have already made the step
10.  Prepare for the step after next

Rule 8- Cultivate diplomacy

1.    Ask questions in times of conflict
2.    Don’t take sides
3.    Known when to keep your opinions to yourself
4.    Be conciliatory
5.    Never lose your temper
6.    Never get personal
7.    Know how to handle other people’s anger
8.    Stand your ground
9.    Be objective about the situation
10.  Put things in perspective

Rule 9- Know the system and milk it

1.    Know all the unspoken rules of office life
2.    Know what to call everyone
3.    Know when to stay late & when to go early
4.    Know the theft or perk rule
5.    Identify the people who count
6.    Be on the right side of the people who count
7.    Be well up on new management techniques
8.    Know the undercurrents & hidden agendas
9.    Know the favorites & cultivate them
10. Know the mission statement and understand it

Rule 10- Handle the opposition

1.    Identify the opposition
2.    Study them closely
3.    Don’t back-stab
4.    Know the psychology of promotion
5.    Don’t give too much away
6.    Keep your ear to the ground
7.    Make the opposition seem irreplaceable
8.    Don’t damn the opposition with faint praise
9.    Capitalize on the career enhancing moments
10.  Cultivate the friendship & approval of your colleagues


What People Buy

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Question: Are you selling your services?

The real deal is, people do not buy your services.  If I may say it candidly, no person buys financial planning, no one buys consultancy, no one buys coaching.

Then what sells?

People buy solutions. Think of this: you do not go to your doctor just to get injected, or to get medicine. You go to your doctor for a solution to something that is ailing you. The medications are simply tools that the doctor uses to treat your health problem. You pay for the doctor’s service because you trust that his diagnosis is the right one. You don’t go to any doctor but the one you have proven to suggest the methods so you can recuperate.

People in the business realm will sense when you are too focused on yourself and only bent on how you can gain from them. This character will not allow you to succeed in fostering business with them on a long term basis.

Consequently, when people know that you are constantly reliable to provide them a solution, people come to you to get your services. Hence, services are not what you are selling. People buy YOU– your competence for handling problems and applying due solutions to your client’s needs.

Take the spotlight away from you and shift that concentration on your clients or customers.

Individuals and likewise, corporations, decide to hire people that they trust can solve their problems for them. They must also know all solutions you can offer to their problems and the results that will take place, if they decide to hire your service.

People, essentially, buy your intelligence and your smarts. They want someone that can transmit a positive impact on their lives and their endeavors. The more you bring focus in perceiving their problems, the more you earn their trust that you are the right person they have to be working with.

In the end, you are actually selling the relationship, that which your client can obtain when they hire you. It is never services you sell as the product itself.

You give first, in order to gain. Goodwill to others, definitely, yields conquest!