Women are complex beings. Their emotions are different from men, and certainly, some dig deep down to nagging despair or ascend to inflate situations to imaginary terrors. Some even successfully wreck everyday life and those close to them with unending agony from her bitter words. But there are some who are wellsprings of inspiration and hope. Each of her motive and action is filled with the purpose of goodness.

Ah, woman, sometimes… you are full of hidden meanings.

My point would be to give description of the character that we see in women around us. It’s about me, and perhaps, you. And every aunt, grandma, sister, daughter…

The Arrogant Woman

This woman sees every other woman as below her tastes, and below her level. She thinks, no one’s good enough to come at par with her. She has the best talent, the best dress, the best accomplishment, the best contacts and the best influence. Arrogance is the mask for an ego that actually craves a lifting. Arrogant Woman, you aren’t really sure of your true worth because you know that someone can get in your place anytime. The world does not mainly revolve around your inflated ideas.

The Insecure Woman

This woman talks ill of other women, despises them, and creates a mental list of all flaws of other women. Each negative talk and contemptible word she utters against others of her kind is actually how she views herself. She tears them down, piece by piece, from top to toe. She never finds an inch of positive feature in the woman she places on the spot. Her criticisms are sharp, rude and will even tell others of how she views them, aggressively. She is so frustrated with herself that she does not find pleasure in seeing pretty and beautiful women around her. Insecure Woman, there is much beauty and goodness around. Start to appreciate yourself and stop looking to others with envy.

The CopyCat Woman

This woman imitates whoever she sees attractive. She is doubtful of what identity she wants to live out because she wants to be everybody who looks cool and confident. She may even exactly copy the way other females laugh, talk, dress, walk and every bit of mannerism in people she likes. She may like the ways of another woman so much that she has lost herself in the process. She has all the time to conjure every tactic to copy the woman she wants to duplicate that she has no time to find out her real self. Copycat Woman, don’t waste your time being another person because you are uniquely you. Life is more exciting if you can find your true self.

The Confident Woman

This woman knows how to capture the eyes of the crowd when she steps into the room. She walks silently, head neither carried too high nor too low and she meets other women with a smile. She has kind words and looks everybody in the eye. Her stride is sure, every movement and word she utters is precise. Behind that poise is a natural person who knows how to express herself. She may make mistakes sometimes but she knows that it’s part of growing as a person. She imparts love and goodwill around yet she doesn’t need people to show the same to her because she is a person of strength. She accepts her past, lives the present at full capacity and looks to the future with hope. Others may get jealous of her, but she understands them also. Confident Woman, you lead the way for others to follow. You play by the rules, and you win the game. You are a source of inspiration for many.

“Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.” Samuel Johnson

Have fun,