The porcupine is a prickly animal.

There are humans, too, called Porcupine Personalities who seem to make people around them walk in eggshells. Everything around the Porcupine is treated as offensive, and fault is found in everything that people do. Have you seen one with a “Holier-Than-Thou” attitude? It’s quite exhausting to be with someone who has ready quills to prick everyone who does not measure to his standards.

I know the feeling of being with prickly personalities and I wouldn’t predict what makes them erupt, though I have observed that they really erupt at the slightest nudge. If you come near one, you’ll be like treading on dangerous grounds.

They complain how people are so indifferent to them. Each statement that is uttered to them, is definitely met with a sneer. Who would want to be with a Porcupine, then? This explains why people are cold towards these personalities. So people stay away from them for fear that the Porcupine will pierce them.

You cannot win over a Porcupine and trying to make friends with one would scratch you and damage your precious hide. What can you do, he can’t help acting like it. He is a PORCUPINE!