This is often one difficult word to utter. However, you have the right to refuse and say “No”. Giving a polite answer in one word does not have to be that hard. What are reasons why “No” is appropriate?

In situations where people are asserting themselves on you, the No word can be your best defense. If they have the courage to insist on their ideas, you too, have a right to insist on your answer to their suggestions. Stop playing victim because you cannot say a simple “No”.

“Maybe” can be a vague decision, as it places you on an indecisive level. One more thing, an explanation does not have to follow every No answer. You don’t owe anybody a justification for your reply. Besides, this can lead to more questions, and more explanations may mean more mess.

Fear of saying “No.” is fear of rejection.

SMILE and say “No.”

Test your courage!

— Tara