Writing is a career that can be done anywhere, whether in the home or in the office. Many say that writing must require skills to set words to create something that will stir readers to act upon what they are reading. There is plenty of truth in that.

According to a survey, writers take up only 1% of the total world population. Can it be that writers are a breed that cannot be found anywhere?

While this may be true, still there are writing types that can be learned. A mastery of the English language, its manner of expressions and good grammar is what one needs. In the contemporary context, writing has taken up various forms, classified as offline and online writing.

Offline Writing is the type of writing which was popular in the past decades like magazines, newspaper, gazettes, brochures and many other forms of media.

Online Writing is a big field because companies have seen the importance of setting up websites in order to be up with the trend in business. As a result, many writers have found work in the web, supplying clients with content for their sites.

Various writing opportunities are offered in the Internet, and some of these options are listed below:

Web Content Writing– The writer basically provides content for web pages. There are millions of websites over there, so the more apt a writer is, the more topics can be written about. This skill can bring in plenty of money.

Copy Writing– Copywriting is a writing that advertises. There are products that need to be promoted, as well as services or brands. The writer can use a business-like tone, using persuasive advertising language.

Blog– This is different from other forms of writing in the web. This is a short content that expresses personal thoughts and ideas and has constantly updated content. Readers can also post their comments in a blog.

Sales Letters– This kind of online writing requires a different style to catch the attention of readers. It may also contain longer content, plus certain elements and guidelines to make a killer copy. Sales letter writing is exciting because it is a selling machine that readers can perceive as believable and persuasive.

SEO Writing– This one is considered the pot of gold as it offers tremendous opportunities for writing. This is the kind that online marketing and advertising want look for in a writer. Being an SEO writer gets a steady influx of offers, as companies are steadily searching for writers that can incorporate keywords into the content and at the same time, provide sense to the content.

The online writer has to know how to fit himself into the demands of the job. Being a writer myself, I am familiar with all of these types of writing because anytime, a client can request to write any of these.

Tools needed:

a creative mind, good grammar and a writing style that connects with readers. And never forget, the indispensable computer… without the computer, online writing of all sorts wouldn’t be possible.