Chronic effects to health are brought by constant exposure to low levels of toxin, and if it is a prolonged exposure, serious health problems can be expected. In addition to that, poisoning from low level exposure to chemicals have been the reported cause of tumors after years of  exposure.

However, chronic poisoning was reported to give fewer negative effects on the health. One of these is lung cancer, noted as one occupational disease that affects people,  due to inhalation of toxic fumes. This disease usually appears very late in the person’s life and in some cases, can manifest symptoms of acute disease. Long term effects are less visible, and this makes it hard to get immediate treatments. It usually takes time for a disease to show up, which are results from slight chemical exposure on a long term. However, this does not mean, that no sign means no presence of it. Yet there is no precise evaluation  on these cases since very few data are available for us to validate the theory. Most occupational diseases are hard to detect at onset.

A good management initiative from businesses must become the first step towards avoidance of occupational poisoning. Consequently,  the absence of company health and safety regulations, organizations should  follow whatever international standards are set for an industry.

Businesses in the third world cannot really provide sufficiently safe environments for their workers. With this reality,  workers are not really given the chance to choose or complain of their work environment. Thus, health hazards are often braved by these people in order to eke out a living.