Landing pages, known also as Squeeze pages or Lead Capture pages are highly effective methods of capturing the contact details of visitors to a website. The visitor sees an introductory sales message but if they want to go further, they must enter some contact details on the Landing Page, usually a name and e-mail address is all that’s requested. By doing this, the visitor is giving his/her consent to receive follow up marketing e-mails from the site owner.

As the average person needs to see a sales message 5-7 times before they buy, it’s vital that the Landing Page converts well.

Designing the landing page using videos is proving to be one of the most effective ways ever of capturing the contact details of a visitor. Plus, conversions to sales are higher when video is employed. The video Landing Page also educates the viewer in as little time as possible. There are advantages as to why videos are recommended to be embedded on a landing page as given below:

Short Browsing Cycle

Video landing pages provide an easy access to the information being searched for. Internet searchers prefer to click on search results containing videos and this method also attracts more response from its viewers than static text in a landing page. The audio-visual content on a video offers a dynamic and forceful call to the potential customer. Videos can contain the specific information that is needed by a viewer, and therefore can address the need immediately. So the viewer does not have to search another site or read through paragraphs of text because the video has already provided the information. This in turn gets more converts.

Getting At Par With Competition

The Internet is a very dynamic environment where change is always present. The reality is, there 3 out of 5 websites that have been to the top are sites that use video in their landing pages. Therefore, a huge 60% percentage of the total sites that capture big traffic have been known to use videos to capture their market. As visitors are ushered into their pages, these are greeted with an interactive medium immediately. So, taking this into consideration, an online company that does not use videos in its landing page can hardly compete with those that are into video marketing. Some Video Landing Pages are generating conversion to sales rates of as high as 12%.

Understanding User Mentality

Marketers, who understand their audience, understand that people are not likely to stay long on a site that does not stir their interest immediately. A video landing page is the best medium that can be utilized because site visitors are often lazy to read everything on the page. So, it is best to give them something that can provide the information they need with the least amount of effort on their part. Reading text takes time and effort, therefore videos become more effective in supplying product information. Moreover, video landing pages attract the focus of the searcher and at the same time, convey information with more viewer receptivity.

A video landing page therefore is the best means to communicate the intent of a webpage and will ensure a greater chance for the successful propagation of information about products and brands. Learn how to create video landing pages that will become the perfect tool to capture your target market.