We meet all kinds of character that enrich our life. No matter how bad an encounter may be, there is always a reason to learn from that experience. We are spectators to the actions and preferences of other people and it would suffice to say, that is their own choice. We are not here to make demands on others to function in the ways that we like them to. Our reality is important but so does the other person’s.

How do you make people feel? Do they see and feel you as somebody to be scared of, or someone who makes them like themselves more. Are you that person who has the knack to help others feel the best in themselves?

If you like yourself, you will receive the same response from others, too. Beautiful things only thrive well in pleasant surroundings. If you want to create good relationships, start it with positive things.

What is the value of judging others poorly? There is no value, nor virtue in that. If you find all faults in people, surely, you will receive the same from them. Belittle people and you will get negative reactions. It will not make you to like yourself more. Throw mud at others and you get plenty of mud on your hands too. It creates a crack in your personality, the more you engage in flinging dirty, cheap and hurtful things to people, the more  miserable life gets.

If you have been a victim of some people’s resentment, remember, it is alright to grieve a little. However, that is not about you. It’s about them. He that is cruel troubleth his own flesh. And look further, you will know the sadness and suffering that person has. See the sad history of those who like to put you down, including the choices they made. Surely you will not find yourself rushing to get back at that person, if you realize that he/she is a hurting individual.

Learn to let people give to you, favors or compliments, or sometimes, simply, a smile. Smile back. Sincerely. Help people experience how good it is to have you in their life. Let them realize, that their world becomes better and their burdens lighter when they are with you.