Assertiveness can be defined as a way of standing up for yourself while still considering the rights of other people. In contrast to the non-assertive people who exhibit either passive or aggressive behavior, assertive people know what is right for themselves and for others.

Passive individuals are those who allow others to breach their own rights and are afraid to voice out their feelings.

On the other hand, aggressive individuals take too much a liking to defend their rights and forget to consider the rights of others also. They make much insistence on what is the rightful treatment for them… that they harm other people in the process.

What is assertiveness? It can be shown in the following statements:

I have the right to:

1. Think & act for myself.
2. Provide no explanation for my actions.
3. Refuse to find answers for the problems of other people.
4. Change my decisions.
5. Make my mistakes.
6. Say no without guilt.
7. Admit that I don’t understand some things or ideas.
8. Acknowledge that I don’t care for some things or ideas.

Take control.

– Tara