A copy writer is one who has specialized knowledge in preparing advertising copy for publications or broadcasting. In advertising, a written script used in promotions is called a copy. The copy writer is responsible for creating content for other materials used for marketing products or services, whether offline or web-based. Copywriters may also have to work with clients for advertising slogans, and thus, take a big part in the promotion and selling of many products.

Copy writing demands a good judgment and focus of a writer in the midst of deadlines and pressure. Plenty of curiosity, determination and a wide knowledge must be demonstrated if one looks to it as a career. The copy writer must also have familiarity with some technology and electronic publishing systems since most materials are usually prepared for the Internet.

The demand for copy writers has risen as many businesses have opted to get their visibility in the online market. As such, writers are in demand since organizations realized the power of the Internet to help them gain a bigger market share.

The advances in technology has changed the way writers work. Since outsourcing became a buzzword in many companies in developed countries, copy writers, especially from Asia, have been given equal chances to get more projects from offshore clients like the US, Europe and other regions. With outsourcing, any place can become a workplace. The origin of Pajama Suits started with the boost in outsourced jobs for copy writers, web developers, search engine optimizers and other web professionals. Hence, the working desk is accessible for most since writing can be a home-based career nowadays.  For those who want a shift in their daily work setup, home-based, outsourced writing projects provide no more tiresome commutes, far from barking corporate dogs and the wearisome effort of dressing up (or down). Home-based also gives a way out from endless office politics. Many writers, however, still prefer to work in corporations that offer outsourcing writing services where they can get more exposure to people & thrive in the corporate climate.

However, copy writers are not people you know to be always taking the grand vacation anywhere they like. Yet, it is also a kind of work that can be taken on the road with a laptop. When there are deadlines for publications and some new web sites await launching, writers usually spend back-breaking hours to produce content that is appropriate for web pages, blog sites and other types of platforms. As such, it is normal for a writer to work evening shifts, on weekends or anytime as materials need to be completed. Projects end well and most often, with a painful back.

Hence, having a grand time cannot be possible once the clock is ticking for the deadliest deadlines. A copy writer is expected to concentrate on getting persuasive words plotted on electronic paper, as fast and neat– to reach the timeline required.

But writing is foremost, a passion which can get full expression through advertising. A writer cannot keep on smothering talent for long. That’s why, I must write.


Off to my next writing adventure…