I think in pictures.eyes

Scanning from my every day, I have observed that most of the time I speak, a picture of words come to mind as they are sounded off. My most frequent comment is the “I see” thingee.

On a quick judgment, that means I am more of a Visual type, preferring the V among the A and K (auditory and kinesthetic) channels. But I would also consider “A” as my sub-trait since I would prefer to hear after I see.

This also explains why I am fond of drawing eye figures and is more concerned on the presentation of things.

To be more specific, my inclination is on the visual-linguistic channel, and so, has a propensity to writing down things to remember them easily.

What is the significance of this for me? Ah, well, just one of those aha moments. It simply amazes me. Human behavior has many quirks but that makes life worth examining.

This little discovery makes me understand myself better. It also makes sense for me, to explore on why I do the things I do.

Socrates said ” Know Thyself”. Yes, I am keeping my direction, closer to the goal. Everyday. I do.