You do not need to master everything in your business in order to make it run. So many business owners tend to take every task into their hands from website maintenance, answering emails, and running the whole business.

But is it really worth the effort? It may be good to consider learning new skills such as linkbuilding and the SEO thing, as well as making articles now and then, to promote your site. But doing these things can be time-consuming and there is an easy way to handle things. Hire a virtual assistant to help you run the business.

Many business owners have no time to spare for detailed work like the tediousness demanded in creating various links all over the web to your site. Virtual assistants can be very handy when it comes to these things. Or you may also need someone who can provide good content for your blogsite.

The Philippines is known for better content writing than other countries in Asia. As a Filipino writer cum link builder-virtual assistant I can only give some ideas on how to handle your VAs. Here are some ways to ensure that your partnership with your VA can be a fruitful endeavor:

1. Ask them about their expertise. When you have determined their strengths, you can provide additional trainings to equip them with the tasks you want them to do.

2. Pay your virtual assistant well. This is to ensure that your VAs will not take several accounts at the same time because you are paying them with scraps. When you pay lesser than what they think is proper for them, they will take on more jobs to supplement their income and will result to poor performances. Talk to your VA and give the best deals you can but make them understand that they should be working only for you. Paying them $300.00 for 160 hours a month will push them to seek other sources, apart from your projects. Although they frequent many job hiring spots, it is not easy to train another and make adjustments again with a new worker.

3. Know how to recognize the best ones in the market. Many virtual assistants are online, because they want to look for better opportunities. Some of them may not be as good as you think. When you want someone who can be an all-around person, first, get their writing background. A VA who knows how to write well is a good find since not many are gifted with good-quality writing, even if it is from the Philippines.

4. Be prompt in giving tasks. It may help to smoothen the job required when tasks can be understood because they are given earlier.

5. Trust your VA. As all businesses, you cannot operate without trust. So if you want to achieve better things for your projects make them feel that you trust them to do their best for you. Give positive reinforcements to your VAs.

“The key is to get to know people and trust them to be who they are.”