Online entrepreneurship. I have decided to pursue this path.

What made me strike on something that many consider hard to follow through? My reasons are a-plenty and they are all valid reasons for me.

My raison d’etre, they will justify why I am taking a different route this time.

1. Though I am not driven back with the idea that I can work for a company or for someone else, I just realized that I will be stuck evermore in a corporate chair, with limited income and a dim salary prospect.

2. An 8-hour office job failed to bring the kind of satisfaction that I thought it will provide me. Aside from that, it has become so tiring that work becomes dragging. When you are working for someone, you get up at least 2 hours earlier, prepare for work, take a ride from home and back again. I arrive at the office tired, and return home depleted— both the pocket and my energy reserve.

3. I am disillusioned with office politics. Corporate culture is stifling talent more instead of enhancing it, and there are no more better opportunities that can be seen. It is repulsive and downright ugly. It reminds me of dogs that fight over a piece of meat.

4. I become my own boss. Come to think of it. I make my own decisions, and choose the people I like to do business with. I can also choose what service and products to render, like the ones where I am good at.

5. I can handle my own team and manage them the way I think is proper. I become involved in conceptualizing things that are good for my business. I am in charge, and I make the right contribution to what can be called mine.

6. I obtain quality in my personal life. I can choose the time I work, where I go for vacations, without begging anyone to allow me to take a leave from work.

These things provide me a clear motive why I am going to make this a gainful engagement. Though I cannot guarantee that everything will become smooth, I will see to it that my efforts will be productive.

I am no longer a work junkie of the corporate world. Energized by this new light, I give cheers to new possibilities!