Yes, it dawned on me, this is the life that I wanted…

Moment by moment, bit by bit, it’s sweet.

This point, I’m kinda contemplating again on investing on some good camera to start my journey in photography.  I’m thinking that these shots in the future, will definitely end up in a book– MY OWN BOOK. With plenty of poetry,  and musings and writings from the depths of me.

And pardon that the following lines had to jump into here, and won’t be tucked into the poetry page of this blog. I penned some yesterday, as I was immersing myself into my product reviews– phrases, words, suddenly hit me.

I don’t lose any moment when times like this one comes; I’d grab the notepad and type the words that flow freely into the tips of my fingers, urging me to tap into each syllable, and they spin into some lyrical expedition again, to tell another story, another aspect of me.

Here’s Poetry– I was thinking of this person as one who expresses life through the lens:

One day,
you’re gonna clasp me in your bosom,
and my very presence, leaf after leaf,
will be with you, in the pages of a book.

And you will see my smile, in blue of the sky;
In the bright sun’s rays, or
In the grass comforting your feet.

You shall feel me in
The silvery moonlight above,
In the waking of the stars,
In the rippling of the waves
where the brook rushes through…

My being stamped
In every corner,
In every angle,
In every hue;
Each becoming
My very own share
Of this universe.

Ah, I shall be

I’m gonna get published, that’s why I said “everywhere”. Don’t think creepy thoughts, hmnn. It’s got no title in it, but anyways, that’s what I feel today. Its title will have to wait because it’s an unfinished business yet, and still on ferment.

Needless to say, it won’t take forever; it will happen in this lifetime. That’s my promise.