If you’re a business person in Arizona wanting to increase a small company, chasing down non-paying clientele for the money due is amongst the very last issues you may like to be going after. However, it sure could be nice to collect in full by now! Filing different small claims from clients who definitely missed out on paying you is another way to have bad debts collected, but it must take a lot of time and tenaciousness. Hiring a local process server to support may be a cost-effective, time-saving alternative.

In small claims court, you typically don’t need a lawyer. So you obtain a hearing within one to two months just after processing. Subject to your State, the limit amount you can file a claim against anyone goes up to about 15,000 dollars. Often, it’s a wise idea to have judgments for the maximal limit even if certain customers are obligated to repay much more than that. Again, it’s because you wouldn’t be forced to pay attorney fees, just the court’s filing fee. In most small claims courts, total costs are cheaper than $100.

The idea of spending time waiting in line around the court house eats up your schedule for everything else you could be working at. Specifically, if you have numerous claims to report and get served. Moreover, the time and energy you may spend trying to get paid cannot be recovered. So, if that does not appear to be considerably fun, why not employ a local process server to function as your “small claims department”?

You can take the easy route through this with a process server in Phoenix.