"And by the incantation of this verse, scatter, as from an unextinguished heart ~ ashes & sparks, my words among mankind!" ~ Ode to the West Wind

Para Sayo, Manunulat

Sinusuklay ng mga daliri
ang mga
pinag tagpi-tagping
mga salita at hiling ko’y tumigil
ang oras sa bawat paghugis
at ang bawat baybay
sa ganda ng umaga.
Ikaw, O manunulat,
muli ay sumibol.

Tugon sa sarili:

O di pala
madaling magluwal
ng isang tula.

Tara, 3/28/2010


Reach Me If You Can

We just met,
I don’t know how
you can say those things.

You judge me and
you try to hit your mark
into my heart,
but they won’t move me–
You don’t know me.

you don’t know how
you have no power, No.
you cannot
reach me, and cannot
hurt me.

Hurt is just a room
I don’t visit anymore,
it’s a locked door and I have
no intention of peeping
I won’t know self-pity,
I detest hostility.

I will only know Kindness.
If you aren’t,
you have no right.
Yes, DO NOT speak to me.

Your words, they are,
like your burning eyes. Empty.

**Dedicated to [elders] who are just plain hostile with me. Unless you have the intention to help,  getting mad at me is unwelcome.

Tara, 3/22/10



Quietly radiance pushes and;
Monday sets in,
yet dizzy with erythromycin~
a faint voice says,
caution, sleep is falling!

~ Tara, on a Monday morning  3/8/2010



the cattails sway
and the bamboo
dances gently into
the brightness of
a happy day.

~Tara,  3/7/2010


Ode to the Danggit

Outside, the drizzle,
A lazy Monday surprise~
Little ichtus
Dropped into the
Oil in the stick free
Pan at the stove;
and they browned
to faultless,
my little fishy friends,
Thanks for lunch.

Tara- Feb. 12, 2010 – @ lunchtime


a haiku~

Carpet earth
A bird chirps on,
The sun of summer.




Thunder skies
dewdrops fall,
timeless motion.

Heavy drizzles,
blurred vision
slumbering moon.


Afternoon Musing

afternoonRustling leaves
wind on my hair,
nature is alive.

Birds in flurry,
chimes tinkle–
sweet to the soul.


This Is The Lord’s Doing ~ Psalm 117:23a
My whole heart have sought Thee
I was not confounded.
in every corner
Jehovah Shammah, Thou art always
with me.

Abba, Father,
Thou hast always
been my help,
My life, this
a token
of Thy unceasing favor;
therefore in the shadow of
Thy wings, will I rejoice.


te quiero mucho mi amor
if someone
is loved by me,
it’s you.

te quiero mucho
mi amor, you are
my own better part.

i bear your name;
the other
side of you,

equate me,
yet none.
i am Wife.


day is done
passing thru
the last dot
of the last word~
blending with music
people and laughter
in the Devroom…

at 3 pm, Time, you are mine.


while the hand holds the quill
spinning words
with ardor.

slow down.
later, if time
turns ancient.

when memory
no more
sense evoke…

the scribe
then will order~
the finale.


courage in poetry

on paper.

the world of
my tangible thoughts
aligned passionately
witnessed by
the eye.

wanting no outside repose
but here. inside.
my own silent
epitome of freedom-
against the world’s
ill-given freedom
to express the real.
this is me,
I am,
what I am.


to work

rise up create,
today this is~

-Tara @ 9.15 am, Hubport


calm. sands greeting
waters- come show me,



peeping, dreamy
from yesterday.
re-created to find
day, night
in a diffused light.
with strength
in finery
break forth to
new possibility~

to celebrate…

yes, celebrate.




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