"And by the incantation of this verse, scatter, as from an unextinguished heart ~ ashes & sparks, my words among mankind!" ~ Ode to the West Wind

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“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense. “

– R.W. Emerson



This is often one difficult word to utter. However, you have the right to refuse and say “No”. Giving a polite answer in one word does not have to be that hard. What are reasons why “No” is appropriate?

In situations where people are asserting themselves on you, the No word can be your best defense. If they have the courage to insist on their ideas, you too, have a right to insist on your answer to their suggestions. Stop playing victim because you cannot say a simple “No”.

“Maybe” can be a vague decision, as it places you on an indecisive level. One more thing, an explanation does not have to follow every No answer. You don’t owe anybody a justification for your reply. Besides, this can lead to more questions, and more explanations may mean more mess.

Fear of saying “No.” is fear of rejection.

SMILE and say “No.”

Test your courage!

— Tara



An Overview

The “Alpha” term is originally used to describe the social roles of members in wolf packs. It was derived from the supremacy system that members of a pack observe. Pack leaders are called the Alpha male and the Alpha female.

These Alpha wolves are superior in personality, generally the oldest in the pack, greater in intelligence, size or strength. Members of the pack respect this position because these are the ones that are experienced in hunting, territory defense, and leading the pack in daily activities. To contrast the Alpha status, there are also Beta and Omega wolves, terms which fitly describe their weaker position in the hierarchy.

Social Order

Wolves are highly social creatures. An Alpha wolf  can be immediately picked out in a pack. What is interesting in this simple comparative analysis is that, wolves and humans have more commonality in the light of establishing group hierarchy. Humans have also been known to exhibit the “wolf-pack” mentality. We, like these creatures, set importance to social order.

When talking about social order, it is about supremacy behavior in groups. In human expressions, Alpha people are dominant personalities in units and organizations. To further dissect the subject, there are Alpha men and Alpha women. I prefer to discuss the latter.

The Alpha Female Social DNA

The Alpha woman is ferocious but not in an animalistic way and she is on top of every situation. She may not really engage into vicious fights because she has her own way of doing things.She has sophisticated air around her and finesse in directing her affairs.

She finds ways of establishing dominance over other personalities. Alpha females know how to make decisions for groups they belong to. She has a forceful impact on other people and this is a result of her confidence. She is powerful and has control over social situations. In fact, she is an inborn expert in maneuvering herself within social circles.

However, other women do not really like Alpha females, because they feel threatened with that innate superiority that she exudes. Men may also be terrified of her because she does not mind despising them sometimes. She is a self-made person who knows where she wants to go, is financially stable and secure in her own skin.

The Alpha female has her priorities in looking good and standing out from the crowd. Some of them may not even marry because an Alpha girl can be fiercely driven by ambition, although some of them may also be good in taking care of the home.

You can spot her immediately. She enters the room, glides smoothly as the crowd watches her. Her audience is always ready to behold her when she is around. She can be hard to handle because she is the type who is unpredictable.

She is the Alpha female, proud but not bitchy, sweet yet strong. She is wholesome and captivating, assertive and charming. She is adventurous, positive, truthful and excellent.

If you fit into the above social imprints, this Alpha woman could be YOU!

— Tara