"And by the incantation of this verse, scatter, as from an unextinguished heart ~ ashes & sparks, my words among mankind!" ~ Ode to the West Wind

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The country is such in a somber mood. Add to that the dreariness of this city; no big shops are open on a Good Friday. I prefer to rejoice in my freedom while others are trapped in their tradition. *grin

In my silent corner, I chose to be grateful for what I have now.  I wrote a Haiku as a celebration.

Haiku: Midday

cloud ribbons on wings

dramatic cerulean sky

a feast for the eye.

I’m relieved at least to breathe these words out and they become my own once more.

This Friday is indeed good.


Let me walk through the fields of paper touching with my wand dry stems and stunted butterflies…. ~Denise Levertov, “A Walk through the Notebooks”


Words are but the vague shadows of the volumes we mean.  Little audible links, they are, chaining together great inaudible feelings and purposes.  ~Theodore Dreiser, 1900


If I don’t write to empty my mind, I go mad.  ~Lord Byron


This–  is a struggle against silence.  ~Carlos Fuentes


The maker of a sentence launches out into the infinite

and builds a road into Chaos and old Night,
and is followed by those who hear him
with something of wild,
creative delight.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Pen names are masks that allow us to unmask ourselves.  ~C. Astrid Weber

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Question: Are you selling your services?

The real deal is, people do not buy your services.  If I may say it candidly, no person buys financial planning, no one buys consultancy, no one buys coaching.

Then what sells?

People buy solutions. Think of this: you do not go to your doctor just to get injected, or to get medicine. You go to your doctor for a solution to something that is ailing you. The medications are simply tools that the doctor uses to treat your health problem. You pay for the doctor’s service because you trust that his diagnosis is the right one. You don’t go to any doctor but the one you have proven to suggest the methods so you can recuperate.

People in the business realm will sense when you are too focused on yourself and only bent on how you can gain from them. This character will not allow you to succeed in fostering business with them on a long term basis.

Consequently, when people know that you are constantly reliable to provide them a solution, people come to you to get your services. Hence, services are not what you are selling. People buy YOU– your competence for handling problems and applying due solutions to your client’s needs.

Take the spotlight away from you and shift that concentration on your clients or customers.

Individuals and likewise, corporations, decide to hire people that they trust can solve their problems for them. They must also know all solutions you can offer to their problems and the results that will take place, if they decide to hire your service.

People, essentially, buy your intelligence and your smarts. They want someone that can transmit a positive impact on their lives and their endeavors. The more you bring focus in perceiving their problems, the more you earn their trust that you are the right person they have to be working with.

In the end, you are actually selling the relationship, that which your client can obtain when they hire you. It is never services you sell as the product itself.

You give first, in order to gain. Goodwill to others, definitely, yields conquest!

2009 was a gorgeous treat for me.

Another year is in store for all of us, one that is full of promise– and I am excited to find new territories to conquer again.  Yet there are more lessons to learn, more people to thank for – my family, the people I work with across the US, and all my friends. The long hours I spent in creative ferment will one day see its prize.

So, alone in this inspired path I would go; tho’ none notice, as I would not require the presence of negative influences *grin. No time to waste on inappreciable company. My rule now: detach from people who are affecting me negatively (at least I hope I can).

Just thankful that I have a clear take on where I want to head for because I have decided to refine my focus on things that will matter to me.

Happy 2010! May this year see us a better person.

All the best,

Tara Estacaan  (**,)

You can get noticed when you are at the top!

A business marketing plan can put elements to work together so that businesses achieve their potentials! It is a maintenance system for any organization or corporation that aspires towards specific goals. The marketing plan becomes a structure where each step made by the company can refer to it, so long as the business continues to operate.

For Business Stability

Whether acknowledged or not, every business can get a good station when it is using a business marketing plan. There are several times in the course of business that things can become unstable, so a simple business plan can serve as a complete reference when implementation of appropriate measures is required.

But the plan should not always expect to impose too rigid guidelines, as some situations or issues will surely call for flexibility. However, it will be a big help for the management team in cases of disputable situations.

Business planning can accommodate what owners want to happen in their businesses. It is always necessary to formulate a marketing guide for each organization. However, not every business marketing plan can work with any business; each one must get a tailored plan, a marketing system for its products.

Guide For All Businesses

Businesses whether it be small scale or large can make use of a business marketing plan. In the online market, those who do not have a clear line of promoting their brand name and products have little to expect in terms of revenue.

Assistance From Online Marketers and Writers

It will need support of top-of-the-line internet marketers and writers who can deliver a system for strategic planning to clients. There may be technology available such as the business marketing plan software, but a carefully planned marketing scheme by only a web marketing expert would be the most practical thing you can do at the start.

If you need business marketing strategy for your online company, ask me! Together, we can target the right crowd for your business!

Fact: Building a customer base for your business does not come easy.

In the online realm, there have been many strategies that business owners have adopted, just so, to improve their reputation.  When Twitter became popular in 2006, the web found an alternative to mobile SMS. With its 140 character message length, it was easy to send word to other people about “What’s happening?” at your end.

The rise of URL shortening became popular as well. Thus, Twitter became one of the widely used messaging platforms where people from all walks of life, and from all corners of the world, can promote their trade. But business advertising became so aggressive in Twitter that people became tired of reading “check this outs” and the like. Microblogging became a sickening trend that people slowly disliked the use of Twitter for a season.

The crowd must be educated on this, that Twitter was supposed to create a venue where people can make friends with other people. What happened was the reverse; there was no real interaction between followers than for business purposes. This defeated the goal of being a social network.

There are ways to repair this kind of perception. Make the proper approach to Twitter followers so you can build trust and create a better way to connect to people. Some tips below will give you hint on how to do that.

Create a relationship before anything else. Your followers are people who do not always have money to buy products that you advertise. Be more interested in helping them, rather than desperately pushing your products into their lives. Aggressiveness at the wrong moment can become your Waterloo.

Not all people want to do business in Twitter. As a social network, some people would just want to get in touch with others from the other side of the world. Some are simply searching for a support system where people can give them real advices, or suggest recipes, or gather ideas on best methods in doing some things like carpentry, or gardening.

Twitter is after all, a community where people can naturally interact with one another. Do not be in a hurry to promote your products.

If you do not have a friendly relationship with your Twitter followers, no matter how you blast your message box with promotions, they will become pointless. Interaction is the keyword in Twitter.

Determine the right time to present your company. Someone may ask while chatting with you, “What are you doing for a living?”, then that is the time you can introduce your business. If they do not have the need to buy your product, they can endorse that to their group of followers. So your Twitter friends can refer your business to other people now.

Although your motivation for being online is to make money, you can be subtle about it. A big turnoff for people would be the thought that you are only after the sale that you can get from your interaction.

Make people feel important first and they will be happy to help you later. This is a better way of using Twitter for your business.

Online entrepreneurship. I have decided to pursue this path.

What made me strike on something that many consider hard to follow through? My reasons are a-plenty and they are all valid reasons for me.

My raison d’etre, they will justify why I am taking a different route this time.

1. Though I am not driven back with the idea that I can work for a company or for someone else, I just realized that I will be stuck evermore in a corporate chair, with limited income and a dim salary prospect.

2. An 8-hour office job failed to bring the kind of satisfaction that I thought it will provide me. Aside from that, it has become so tiring that work becomes dragging. When you are working for someone, you get up at least 2 hours earlier, prepare for work, take a ride from home and back again. I arrive at the office tired, and return home depleted— both the pocket and my energy reserve.

3. I am disillusioned with office politics. Corporate culture is stifling talent more instead of enhancing it, and there are no more better opportunities that can be seen. It is repulsive and downright ugly. It reminds me of dogs that fight over a piece of meat.

4. I become my own boss. Come to think of it. I make my own decisions, and choose the people I like to do business with. I can also choose what service and products to render, like the ones where I am good at.

5. I can handle my own team and manage them the way I think is proper. I become involved in conceptualizing things that are good for my business. I am in charge, and I make the right contribution to what can be called mine.

6. I obtain quality in my personal life. I can choose the time I work, where I go for vacations, without begging anyone to allow me to take a leave from work.

These things provide me a clear motive why I am going to make this a gainful engagement. Though I cannot guarantee that everything will become smooth, I will see to it that my efforts will be productive.

I am no longer a work junkie of the corporate world. Energized by this new light, I give cheers to new possibilities!